School Bus Security: Ensure Your Kid’s Safety

Kids are notorious and they can’t help, but play all over the bus. Be it parents or schools, safety has always been a big concern when it comes to kids. Though comparatively, school buses are a safer means of transportation for kids, however, the tension never leaves you when your children are onboard. Transporting several children to & from school and ensuring their safety is a great responsibility. So, as many measure as possible should be taken in order to enhance the security of the kids. For instance, installing a video surveillance camera would prove to be quite resourceful and helpful in this regard.

Here are some steps that can be taken to augment the protection of kids in a school bus:

1) Record every Move: Install Surveillance Cameras.

A person performs as expected when he knows that he is being observed. Same implies to the driver, helper and each kid.

Whether it is about alert driving or treating little ones with kindness, the positioning of surveillance & security cameras would impel the driver to do anything and everything very cautiously. Cameras would not only work for the driver, but kids too. When they would know that everything is getting recorded, they are expected to behave in a better way.

Kids can be annoying at times and that could be quite distracting for the driver. For situations like this too, video surveillance cameras can prove to be of great help as they would remind the driver to concentrate more on the road rather than in the bus.

Furthermore, many cameras capture not only the video, but also the audio of the activities happening inside the bus. Thus, to keep a strict eye, it is advised to select these kinds of cameras. The ones with the wide angles would also prove to be beneficial.

Besides the above-stated points, such installations help the school administration to keep a check on various other things too, for example:

· Administration can get hold of students who try to steal things.

· Which students initiated the chaos, if happens, in the bus can be seen.

· Making sure whether the school norms are being followed or not.

· Activities like bullying or teasing other kids can be watched.

Furthermore, to substantiate any complaint, just play back the recording and confirm the facts.

2) Safety Guidelines

It is imperative to take the safety measures beforehand. One is that there should be certain rules that all students need to abide by. Anyone who does not adhere should be addressed.

Also, it is very crucial to inform everyone about the emergency exits so that if required, they can easily make their way out for themselves. The better the things are communicated; the better would be their safety.

Following are the guidelines that will assist you to enhance the safety of the riders:

· The driver should be restrained from drinking/eating while driving.

· No buffoonery.

· Whenever entering or leaving the bus, use handrails for support.

· Keep passages and emergency exits clear in case of emergency evacuation.

· Clearly instructing the riders about the guidelines and conveying do’s & don’ts will allow the driver to drive in a preferred way without distractions.

3) Perform Timely Bus Maintenance

Again, maintenance is related to the safety of all the riders including students. Thus, it is always advisable to take preventive measures in order to minimize the breakdowns and keep the riders safe. With time and daily usage, wear and tear of the vehicle happens, which calls for timely evaluation and repair, especially of certain parts such as brakes, emergency exits, fuel tank, battery, seat-belts, lights, exhaust pipes, etc.

I hope after reading this article, you know what to do to ensure the safety of your children traveling in the school bus.

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