Safety Of Playgrounds Is Necessary, But So Is Fun

There is no shortage of people criticizing the modern day playgrounds with comparison to the playgrounds a couple of years ago. One thing that they forget is the constant state of worry that parents used to be in for the safety and security of their little ones. Children need to take calculated risks on the school playground equipment according to experts. However, parents prioritize the safety of the kids over everything else. To approach this problem, the playgrounds of modern day are being designed to keep both these factors in concern and these features extend beyond the foam padding for playground surfaces only.

This is the time to let the kids out of the bubble wrap and allow them to explore their surroundings, take harmless risks and learn to deal with the world. The playgrounds in the modern times are dedicated to both these purposes, security and fun at the same time. The playgrounds have equipment that is more risky but a lot more fun for kids too, and also a necessity for their learning and development of courage and mindfulness. To help the parents accept this new approach towards addition of a little risk, it would be good to note that these changes have taken place as a result of a lot of research and related study. There is significant study gone into this new change and according to experts, kids need to make mistakes and learn from them.

Research has also shown that falling from even three meters does not lead to increase in injuries but it helps kids in realizing and tackling risks by a great deal. There is also an opinion that those kids who are exposed to too little challenges are more prone to take excessive risks and get injured as a result, while those children who are used to handling and taking risks are more prudent and able to handle risky situations with better understanding. This shows that even if children sustain minor injuries in their play routines, they are better off in their life generally, as they get to use their judgment very early on and learn from the minor accidents they have while they take risks on their school playground.

While parents do agree to these necessities for their children, they still feel more comfortable if they are sure of the safety of their little ones on the school playground equipment and even on commercial places. It is also more convenient if parents don’t have to constantly watch over their kids while they play. Over the past few years, many such changes have been incorporated in the kids’ play areas, including foam padding for playground surfaces, better food availability near play places, safer transportation and more information on health of the children. However, parents need to remember that while the playgrounds have made things easier for them and their little ones, they still need to stay mindful of the activities of the little ones.

That said, it is a positive change in the designing and building of playgrounds that the concerns of safety are being considered pragmatically along with the preservation of the primary purpose of playgrounds, that is to allow kids to have fun and learn from their mistakes in a proper social environment.

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How to Talk So Teens Will Listen and Listen So Teens Will Talk

The teen years can be painful for both teens and parents. Teenagers face a number of challenges these days and so does the parents. The more the society changes overtime the more challenges faced by the teens. Everyone has to go through their teenage years. In the modern world, everything about teenagers is unique. The way they dress is different. The way they act is different and even the way they speak. Teenagers are known to be insecure, moody, argumentative, impulsive, impressionable, reckless and rebellious.

There are several principles that may help guide teens through the demanding period. They include;

Learn to communicate

Endless verbal battles tend to leave you exhausted and discouraged and should be set aside when communicating to a teenager. When communicating to a teenager the following should be put into consideration

• No shouting. Shouting weakens your authority and provide a strategic advantage for your teen.

• A serious conference. A crisis situation calls for confidentiality. Don’t conduct it in a public place and make sure you convey without blaming or judging the seriousness of the situation.

• The limit of freedom. Explain to a teenager that you cannot set him or her free to do whatever he or she wishes.

• Apologize when you are at fault. Genuine parental apology can go a long way with a teen. It builds his or her respect for you and restores the bond between you.

• Clarity. A parent or a guardian should always state his or her intention to correct unacceptable behavior and explain what is wrong with it.

• Define the frontier of behavior. Teenagers should know that even though he or she is growing up and will soon be on his own, this does not mean that he or she can be on his own in your home.

• Make rules that you will not compromise. These rules will make your teen know that if he choose to disobey you from this point on, you will have to resort to drastic measures.

Active listening

Active listening is important in attempting to close the generational gap. A parent should listen without getting angry, without blaming and judging and without calling names. This makes teens more open.

Rules for parenting.

Parents have the right to deprive their teens of the privileges he or she has not earned.For instance, parents have the right to expect good performance in school, right to opposing crazes and right to set standards concerning their teens appearance.

Working responsibility

Home is a test laboratory where each teen can practice the art of living and hardworking. Teens need to learn about life and how to live it before assuming the responsibility of adult life. Every teen should learn to cook, care for the laundry, buy grocery, balance a budget, and care for the garden and plan social events.


Teens need motivating and reward will always appeal to them. This is one way of bringing them closer.

Never reject

You are the mature one, the teen is the immature one. A teen may reject you efforts but you must never reject him. Be firm and loving no matter how traumatic the circumstances.

Teenagers needs their parents for love, support and guidance and with that teens will always be ready to listen and talk.

On a daily basis teenagers face real problems during the most awkward growth stages of their lives. During such time, teens are exposed to some overwhelming external and internal struggles. This makes them moody, insecure, impulse, argumentative, reckless and even rebellious. This is the time when teens face common problems such as stress, depression, drinking and smoking, lack of self esteem, child abuse, peer pressure and competition and even eating disorders. Surprisingly, these problems are connected to one another and can really be frustrating. Parents, teachers and other guardians should be aware of these problems and know how to solve them to their best ability.

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School Bus Security: Ensure Your Kid’s Safety

Kids are notorious and they can’t help, but play all over the bus. Be it parents or schools, safety has always been a big concern when it comes to kids. Though comparatively, school buses are a safer means of transportation for kids, however, the tension never leaves you when your children are onboard. Transporting several children to & from school and ensuring their safety is a great responsibility. So, as many measure as possible should be taken in order to enhance the security of the kids. For instance, installing a video surveillance camera would prove to be quite resourceful and helpful in this regard.

Here are some steps that can be taken to augment the protection of kids in a school bus:

1) Record every Move: Install Surveillance Cameras.

A person performs as expected when he knows that he is being observed. Same implies to the driver, helper and each kid.

Whether it is about alert driving or treating little ones with kindness, the positioning of surveillance & security cameras would impel the driver to do anything and everything very cautiously. Cameras would not only work for the driver, but kids too. When they would know that everything is getting recorded, they are expected to behave in a better way.

Kids can be annoying at times and that could be quite distracting for the driver. For situations like this too, video surveillance cameras can prove to be of great help as they would remind the driver to concentrate more on the road rather than in the bus.

Furthermore, many cameras capture not only the video, but also the audio of the activities happening inside the bus. Thus, to keep a strict eye, it is advised to select these kinds of cameras. The ones with the wide angles would also prove to be beneficial.

Besides the above-stated points, such installations help the school administration to keep a check on various other things too, for example:

· Administration can get hold of students who try to steal things.

· Which students initiated the chaos, if happens, in the bus can be seen.

· Making sure whether the school norms are being followed or not.

· Activities like bullying or teasing other kids can be watched.

Furthermore, to substantiate any complaint, just play back the recording and confirm the facts.

2) Safety Guidelines

It is imperative to take the safety measures beforehand. One is that there should be certain rules that all students need to abide by. Anyone who does not adhere should be addressed.

Also, it is very crucial to inform everyone about the emergency exits so that if required, they can easily make their way out for themselves. The better the things are communicated; the better would be their safety.

Following are the guidelines that will assist you to enhance the safety of the riders:

· The driver should be restrained from drinking/eating while driving.

· No buffoonery.

· Whenever entering or leaving the bus, use handrails for support.

· Keep passages and emergency exits clear in case of emergency evacuation.

· Clearly instructing the riders about the guidelines and conveying do’s & don’ts will allow the driver to drive in a preferred way without distractions.

3) Perform Timely Bus Maintenance

Again, maintenance is related to the safety of all the riders including students. Thus, it is always advisable to take preventive measures in order to minimize the breakdowns and keep the riders safe. With time and daily usage, wear and tear of the vehicle happens, which calls for timely evaluation and repair, especially of certain parts such as brakes, emergency exits, fuel tank, battery, seat-belts, lights, exhaust pipes, etc.

I hope after reading this article, you know what to do to ensure the safety of your children traveling in the school bus.

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5 Benefits of Arts and Crafts in Child Development

Logic will take you from A to B,
Imagination will take you everywhere.


As quoted by Einstein, rather than logic, it is the imagination that will take you everywhere. So, give your kid the wings to fly as far as possible with their imagination.

When your kids insist and you buy art and craft toys for them, you are actually helping them in their overall development. Later, when the kids experiment with their colors and paintbrush, they are simultaneously improving their motor skills as well as having fun time. The bottom line is that when you let your kids get completely engrossed in their art and craft with their imagination, your little one absolutely enjoys themselves in the process of drawing a sketch, coloring, or building blocks while enhancing their various other skills.

Stimulating creativity with arts and crafts will not only increase the chances of your little one becoming the next Steve Jobs, but will also help him in becoming intellectual and confident. So, let us discuss some more benefits of arts and crafts:

Here they are:

1) Improves Coordination

Conventionally, the movement of both hands is involved in art and craft activities. These movements help in the development of bilateral coordination and fine motor skills. The crafts like cutting, drawing or coloring, are where both hands are involved. Additionally, fine motor skills are involved when a child draw shapes and cut them into patterns. This skill is important in other areas of their lives as they continue to grow. Besides, these skills similarly translate to other aspect of their lives, such as eating, showering, dressing, tying shoes and performing other daily activities.

2) Development of various Skills

Building blocks, molding and drawing with clay are some of the games that develop visual-spatial skill. However, with the easy accessibility of the gadgets, nowadays-even toddlers are aware of how to operate a smart phone. This implies that next generation children are taking in all the visual information before they even start reading or writing. We can call this information as the cues that we get from three-dimensional objects from digital media, books and television.

This cognitive development is very essential in kids as it improves their visual processing skills. When you are helping your little princess in making paper flowers; besides reinforcing the names of primary colors and identifying objects, you are boosting your child’s visual processing abilities too.

3) Art encourages Creativity

A child’s imagination has no limit and parents should not try to limit them as well. Art and craft activities for kids are a great way to let your children explore their imagination, wherein parents should act as a motivation catalyst. Let your children travel through their fascination and turn it into something substantial.

Creativity is thinking out of the box, bringing the innovative side of your kids, which further nurtures other artistic talents later in their life.

4) Arts and Crafts – Mode of Expression

Arts and crafts are a great mode of expressing emotions, thoughts and feelings. When it comes to kids, they have a brilliant vision about the things that have happened in the past or happening around. Through these, they shape various stories in their heads, which comes out when they are involved in activities including art and craft ones. Parents should encourage those kids who are shy and quite to participate in the creative activities so that they can express their emotions and thoughts. This will give parents some insight into what their child is thinking, going through or feeling.

5) Open-ended Activity

These very versatile activities allow kids to play, whether they are alone or accompanied by someone. Arts and crafts can be quite helpful for kids in bonding with parents and friends. So, occasionally make sure to accompany your kid in their play. Moreover, it is a great source of entertainment for the little one as they can play these games on their own whenever they feel bored.

Education of arts teaches kids how to criticize, interpret, and use visual information and, consequently, how to make choices based on it. Children need to know more about the world rather than what they can learn through textbooks.

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Tips To Make Your Jeans Last For Longer

How to wash jeans? How to make them last longer? My jeans lose color so easily. These are the common problems associated with jeans. We buy jeans because we love to wear them. They are stylish, fit well to the body and quite durable. The pop culture has made jeans so popular that jeans are probably worn the most. However, like mentioned before nowadays it is getting hard to keep the jeans in a good shape. It is might because of the pollution as well as the use of detergents that use strong chemicals.

There are a couple of ways to increase the durability of your jeans, some of which are mentioned below:

After wearing the jeans for a couple of times, always turn it inside out and then wash it. This is how you can lower the color bleeding. You could go one step further and use other jeans of similar shade or color to wash the dirty jeans. This will further lower color bleeding. This technique works on a stain or any dirt on your jeans.
In case you are washing it in a machine use cold water. It helps in lowering the color bleeding. Also, make sure that the detergents that you are using are of high quality. In case the stain is too tough to remove, you could use luke warm water.
To tell the truth, washing jeans too often is not recommended at all. Because it will lose color as well as shape. In addition, it is certain to lose color over the time. The only thing that you can do is delay the process, and the best way to do so is not to wash it often. This thing really applies to raw jeans.
You can also wash jeans in a bath. However, before you start scrubbing it with all your strength, make sure that you soak it in cold water for 45 minutes or so.
Not just the method you chose to wash jeans affects your jeans condition. but it is also the way you dry it. Usually, people tumble dry the jeans it is going to shrink. This is good if your jeans is a loose fit. But, if it’s already a fit and you don’t want it to shrink you can hang it upside down outside.
These are some handy tips to wash the jeans and other clothes as well. So the next time you wash jeans it will be good to keep them in mind

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Think About Your Thinking

Our amazing brains are connected to a vast network called our nervous system. This system carries millions of impulses or neurons that are firing off all at once, and are capable of making an infinite amount of connections. The quality of circuitry in our brain can dwarf even a team of the biggest super computers. Our brain can recognize a face in an instant. No super computer can do that yet. Computers have to go through a certain computational formula to get to the point where it can complete its facial recognition process; and that takes time beyond an instant.

So, if our brains have this unsurpassable level of capabilities that are superior to even super computers, then why can’t we get ourselves to do the little things in life correctly? Why do we have trouble remembering how to do our homework, or sometimes, to even do it? Why can’t we always remember to take the garbage out on garbage day? Why can’t we stop doing things that we know are not good for us? Well, some of the answer might lay in the fact that we allow our brains to run on autopilot and don’t consistently think about our thinking.

Socrates believed we should all spend time thinking about what we do and why we do it. So, are we now wondering what creates our own human behavior? Drum roll please… Well, our thinking does, of course! And sometimes our thinking is right on, and sometimes it’s misleading. But, how would we ever know if our thinking was right or wrong if we never stopped to examine our thinking and thus did what Socrates believed was the most important thing of all; examine our lives.

Now teens, go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us. Remember to think about your thinking so that you can live your best life possible, and not blindly fall into some kind of nonproductive rut that’s getting you nowhere fast. And once again, thanks in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do…

Award-winning author, speaker and educator Dan Blanchard wants you to take a little more time to think about your thinking.

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